Look at the images. What do you see?

We think we know things, because we try to make sense.
We see the image and try to place it, categorize it, in order to understand.

But what is it that we think we see? Making sense, based on visuals.

My vision is that meaning is created by sense making.
Sense making is done via the senses combined with your mind.
Ideas are formed by what you perceive and think, but everything you think is based on a value which is borrowed from prior experiences.

Oh wait, I wake up and pick up my glasses, it’s fictional theory. A fictional fact. My reality, my fiction, my facts.

Without glasses the world turns into a living, impressionistic painting, where I can keep dreaming.

Thanks to:
Bas de Haas, Cathalijne de Ruiter, Gaia Regoli, Storm van Strien & Peter Groeneboom.

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