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A conversation between four strangers who met online.

The limitless nature of digital self-portrayal allows them to choose how they are perceived by others. Whether they are showing a representation of their authentic self, an alter ego or a front to conceal their identity, they all deal with the absurdity of the online meeting.
Beyond Binaries.
This project is part of an annual collaboration between TENT, the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

For this edition, the artists worked together to create new works for an online presentation. In preparation, they attended workshops with three of the Dolf Henkes nominees: Kevin Osepa, Koes Staassen and Geo Wyeth. The program invited to approach topics such as gender, sexuality and (cultural) identity in ways that go beyond binary conceptions and systems. The resulting works can be seen on TENT Online during the course of the Dolf Henkes Prize exhibition.

With thanks to teachers and guest teachers Karin Arink, Yair Callender, Sandim Mendes, Kevin Osepa, Koes Staassen, Antoinette Vonder Muehll and Geo Wyeth and to project coordinator Adelheid Smit.

Online Expositie at TENT

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